Telecom Power & Installation Trainers, LLC (TPI Trainers) offers training and certification of the highest excellence. We set the standards for telecom power and installation instruction and can make the competitive difference to increase your customer base through knowledge gained in class. Every class we deliver is as unique as the individuals present.

The interaction that occurs in our classrooms between our instructors and students sets us apart from our competition.Students have told us repeatedly that they are excited with the learning they achieved in our classes in both Client-Site deliveries and Public-Sessions. Decision makers have come back to us time and again for additional training to achieve the results that they want from their people. Because of our instructors’ extensive backgrounds in installation, grounding, power and engineering, SS7, Protocols and Standards, Wireline and Wireless Fundamentals and VoIP they are not hesitant to address complex issues and the unique requirements of each company. They can direct the learning to engage experienced personnel as well as technicians new to their jobs.

TPI Trainers has acquired the courses and certification documentation that was formerly held by Telcordia Learning Services (Bellcore TEC) and by CLS. We carry forward the proven quality and knowledge that you have trusted for many years through a broad range of programs and services and are recognized by the non traditional and traditional telephone operating companies and major E, F and I providers.

TPI Trainers continues to be the familiar resource, trusted by you for many years. We want to highlight our commitment to you to provide training solutions of the highest value and integrity.


Online Testing and Training!

TPI Trainers is pleased to announce that we have online testing available on our website! We are glad to offer this capability to you for certificationre-certificationexpired certification and test assessments. We invite you to take our sample test to see for yourself how the process works and how this online tool can be a valuable resource to help with your quality training and certification goals for your technicians.

TPI Trainers knows that not everyone on your team needs the same kind of training and that some of your people have had years of experience in the field and may not need to train at all. Test Assessment is one way to determine exactly what areas of training are needed as well as to quantify the knowledge and experience already present. Contact us today if you would like to know more about the ease and convenience of this new training capability that TPI has available for you.

Our Online Training program is also part of the complete training solution that is present for your company when you partner with TPI Trainers. We are building our Online Curriculum and can now offer online elements for our customized, client site training deliveries. Call for more information.