Telecom Power & Installation Trainers Course Offerings

IN QUAL (Quality Installation Process)

Quality assurance is a requirement of the telecom business, and IN QUAL provides training in quality assurance control according to the latest requirements of the Industry. This course instructs in the proper methods and safety requirements for the installation of telecommunication equipment. The focus of IN QUAL is to ensure recognition of installation items that do not comply with today’s Industry standards. IN QUAL is recommended for all personnel involved in any aspect of equipment installation and implementation, including; installation suppliers, installation and maintenance technicians, engineers, auditors and managers.

GROUNDING (Telecom Grounding Methods)

Proper grounding of telecommunication equipment (building, switch and power) is crucial in protecting equipment, personnel and ensuring service continuity. GROUNDING provides the student with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and implement complex grounding schemes. GROUNDING is recommended for all personnel responsible for implementing and overseeing the activities in telecommunications facilities, including; installation suppliers, installation and maintenance technicians, engineers, auditors and managers.

POWER-L (Telecom Power System Elements)

POWER-L provides instruction on all power systems employed in telecommunications facilities, from wireline and wireless applications to OSP and customer premise. This course makes it possible for your personnel to replace any fear of power and power systems, with the respect and understanding of how to work with, and around telecommunications power safely. Subjects included throughout the course stress safety requirements and procedures in connection with operation of AC and DC power systems during normal operation and in emergency situations. POWER-L is recommended for all personnel, regardless of prior years of experience.

POWER INSTALL (Power Connecting Methods)

Have you ever experienced a power interruption due to an improper process or technique while connecting or transitioning power feeds? This course provides crucial, hands-on instruction in proper safety and installation procedures required to perform power feed connections from telecommunications equipment into a live secondary power distribution bay (BDFB). Class exercises simulate a live power environment and emphasize development of MOPs for installing new power cables, as well as transitioning equipment between power loads without compromising service continuity. POWER INSTALL is recommended for all personnel involved in connecting power feeds into “in-service” bay and load transition activity associated with equipment installation and implementation, including; installation suppliers, installation and maintenance technicians, engineers and managers.

POWER MAINTENANCE (Telecom Power Maintenance)

POWER MAINTENANCE is the most complete, comprehensive power maintenance training available today for those with a basic need for further understanding of telecommunications power systems. The ability to perform maintenance in the power room safely, either for day to day trouble shooting or periodic routines is crucial to maintaining service continuity. This course is recommended for all personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of telecommunications power systems.

POWER MAINTENANCE requires access to a telecom power system due to the hands-on activities performed in the class. The amount of hands-on activity involved is dependent on the permissions granted by the telecom facility hosting the training. This course is usually delivered as a client site session, but is also available through our Public Session by Request Program

PWR-ENG-DC (DC Power Engineering Methods)

PWR-ENG-DC provides engineering instruction on all aspects of DC Power Systems, from new systems to the augmentation of existing power systems and power cable sizing. The knowledge gained from this training and the proper use of materials can potentially save many thousands of dollars for your company.  Engineering strategies are discussed to cost effectively provision power systems. PWR-ENG-DC is recommended for personnel responsible for the engineering, provisioning and quality acceptance of power system elements, engineers, project mangers, auditors, planners and others who may have responsibility for equipment installation management.

PWR-ENG-AC (AC Power Engineering Methods)

PWR-ENG-AC course offers comprehensive insight into the operation and relationship of the various AC power components found in a telecommunications building. The entire system, as well as each component of the AC power system, is discussed. You will learn how to plan and design a standby AC system, including the ventilation, exhaust and fuel systems to ensure that the standby AC system is operationally fit in the event of a commercial AC power failure. You will also learn to provision an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that will satisfy the critical AC loads for Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, Directory Assistance centers as well as other critical AC powered facilities.  PWR-ENG-AC is strongly recommended for telecommunications personnel responsible for ensuring adequate AC power and standby power operation and deployment, inluding engineers, planners, supervisors and technicians

IN TECH (Telecom Installation Techniques)

IN TECH provides hands-on instruction in the fundamental skills and knowledge required for the performance of safe, high-quality equipment installations. This course underscores the good work habits necessary to become proficient in installation activities and was created to meet the Telecommunications Industry, as well as the Installation Supplier Industry needs for training in basic installation standards, presented clearly and concisely in order to learn the correct methods from the beginning. IN TECH is designed for those installers, supervisors and engineers with little or no experience in the fundamentals of telecommunications equipment installation.

ENG-TBE (Engineering Telecom Building Electric)

ENG-TBE deals with the importance of proper design, construction and operation of telecommunications building electrical systems from the service entrance to the telephone equipment. Students receive a copy of the latest issue of the National Electrical Code as part of their class materials. This course was designed for engineers, project managers, administrators and technicians who desire a working knowledge of electrical design and construction standards, as well as techniques for their application in the telecommunications industry.