Length: 2 days


Description: Number portability ensures that consumers will retain the same telephone number regardless of which telecommunications service provider – wireline or wireless – they choose. The course covers all number portability aspects, from either a wireless services or wireline provider perspective.  Each aspect, from how number portability works to how it is provisioned is explained.

Course Outline


  • What is number portability?
  • How number portability is accomplished
  • Key players in number portability
  • Differences between local (wireline) and wireless number portability

Signaling Protocols

  • Parameters used in trunk signaling
  • Applications used to accomplish number portability
  • Routing used for portability applications
  • Examination of SS7 layers used to obtain routing information

Call Flow Scenarios

  • Typical call flow scenarios
  • Identification of NPDB and HLR query precedence (wireless)
  • Examination of SMS with number portability (wireless)
  • Routing Failure Scenarios

Operational Issues

  • Provisioning process
  • Impact of number portability on network elements

Exercises are provided throughout the course, reinforcing a practical understanding of the material.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn how number portability is accomplished.  In addition, you will learn what protocols and standards are being used.  Emphasis is placed on the various entities involved and the communication that must take place between them.  This course addresses the effect that number portability has on services that rely on telephone numbers.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

This course will be an invaluable tool for those individuals responsible for maintenance and surveillance of the voice or signaling networks.  Others who would benefit would include planners, network or traffic engineers, dial administrators, sales representatives and interconnection specialists.

Course Prerequisites



All of our instructors have years of experience developing and teaching technical courses at Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) Learning Services in Lisle, IL..  They are all SS7 certified and CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals.

* This course is provided through special agreement with Telecom Training Associates, Inc.