Length: 2 days


Description: The FCC has mandated that all Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers extend emergency 911 calls to the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  The mandate not only includes call setup, but callback and precise location information.  This course looks at how the network needs to communicate that information to meet the FCC mandate.

Course Outline

Overview and Phase I

    • Today’s E911 system
    • FCC’s Phase I and Phase II requirements
    • Recent FCC rulings and clarifications
    • J-STD-034 (Phase I standard)
    • Impacts to existing services
    • Modifications to existing standards
    • Various call flow scenarios

Phase II

    • J-STD-036
    • Network signaling and new interfaces
    • Call-Associated Signaling (CAS)
    • Non Call-Associated Signaling (NCAS)
    • Call Flow Scenarios
    • ANSI-41 and GSM MAP enhancements
    • Emergency Services Protocol (ESP)
    • Location Services Protocol (LSP)

Interconnection and Signaling

    • Interconnection types defined by GR-145-CORE
    • Interconnection defined by TIA-93
    • Call setup using ISDN-UP
    • Call setup using enhanced MF
    • Shared versus dedicated trunks
    • TCAP MAP for ANSI-41 and GSM

Location Technologies and Services

    • Network-based location technology
    • Handset-based location technology
    • Hybrid location technology
    • Current issues
    • Location-based services

Exercises are provided throughout the course, reinforcing a practical understanding of the material.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn how emergency calls are routed.  We will then look at the current mandates and how they affect wireless networks.  Phase I and Phase II standards will be explored and explained.  Network-based and handset-based options for determining mobile location will be examined.  We will also look at commercial location-based services.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

This course will be an invaluable tool for those individuals responsible for planning, marketing and sales.  It would also benefit network engineers and interconnection specialists

Course Prerequisites



All of our instructors have years of experience developing and teaching technical courses at Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) Learning Services in Lisle, IL.  They are all SS7 certified and CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals.

* This course is provided through special agreement with Telecom Training Associates, Inc.