Length: 2 days


Description: This course provides a basic understanding of what is needed for a Wireless Service Provider (WSP) to interconnect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  It looks at how these networks differ and what they share in common.  Technical terms and concepts are explained with simplified diagrams and call-flow scenarios.

Course Outline

Network Architecture & Overview

  • Wireline and wireless network basics
  • Types of networks
  • The Common Channel Signaling (CCS) network
  • How interconnection is accomplished
  • Differences between local and wireless number portability
  • Operation Support Systems
  • Supporting Documentation

Interconnection Transport

  • Digital concepts and systems
  • Fiber in today’s network
  • CCS links and the SS7 protocol
  • Differences between local and wireless number portability

Message Routing Between Networks

  • Routing Examples and sample call flows
  • Routing Techniques
  • MTP routing
  • Global title routing

Signaling Between Networks

  • Trunking between switches
  • In-band signaling
  • Out-of-band signaling
  • Call set-up scenarios
  • Message flows
  • Other intersystem signaling (ATM, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, ISDN)

Interconnection Services

  • Toll-free service
  • Mobility services
  • Number portability
  • New and future services

Other Interconnection Services

  • Wireless & PCS
  • Paging Systems
  • Cable Television
  • The Internet

Exercises are provided throughout the course, reinforcing a practical understanding of the material.

What You Will learn

This course examines both the wireless and wireline network architectures.  We will explore how they are different and how they share many common resources.  In addition, the course describes basics of transport systems, CCS links and nodes, the SS7 protocol, trunk signaling and applications.  Lastly, we will look over the fence and describe emerging wireless trends.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Wireless Interconnection Overview is designed for those individuals involved in wireless network sales, planning, operation and interconnection.  Employees of LECs and IXCs involved in similar job functions would also benefit.

Course Prerequisites



All of our instructors have years of experience developing and teaching technical courses at Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) Learning Services in Lisle, IL.. They are all SS7 certified and CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals.

* This course is provided through special agreement with Telecom Training Associates, Inc.