TPI Trainers offers online testing to help with training and quality issues for your technicians. Online testing is a valuable tool for re-certification testing, expired certification testing and test assessment.

Re-certification Testing

If your TPI certification is about to expire you can renew that certification quickly and cost effectively.

Expired Certification Testing

If your certification has already expired there is also an online testing option to renew that certification.

Test Assessment

TPI Trainers knows that not everyone on your team needs training but you do need to know and to be able to prove the abilities of your people. Test Assessment can be used to establish documentation of the skills and knowledge that your people possess or to establish areas where your people could use additional training. For technicians who have just been hired or are about to join your team, test assessment can help to determine and document the extent of their experience. For your experienced technicians documentation of the skills they possess is a valuable tool to establish quality verification and to determine skill levels for critical work assignments.

Experience our online testing for yourself!

Take our Sample Test below. See for yourself the ease and convenience of our online testing. This free, sample test will allow you to experience our online testing process for yourself.

Below is a link to a series of 10 questions for this sample test and you will have six minutes to provide your answers. If you are not sure of an answer to any question you may skip the question but you cannot go back to change answers that you have already indicated. When you have gone over all 10 questions you will be able to go back to any skipped ones to choose your answers if you still have time left on the clock. The timer begins when you click on the button below. For this sample the subject is just general knowledge questions so have fun and click on the button when you are ready to begin.

Take a Sample Test

Online Training

Please check back for more information as we build our online curriculum or call Vicki Johnson at 630-607-9302 if you would like to discuss customized online training options for your company-specific training needs.