In order to meet the training objectives and the challenges of your company, TPI Trainers partners with your company through the programs listed below. For additional information or to register for any of the following Programs contact Vicki Johnson on 630/607-9302.

Public Sessions

TPI Trainers regularly offers public sessions in hotels and conference centers across the country for individual students who wish to attend. These dynamic Public Sessions are an excellent option to meet individual students’ needs.

Online Test Assessment

TPI Trainers’ Online Test Assessment Program has proven to be a valuable resource for our clients. They have been empowered by their ability to act before there is an outage and to ensure the safety of their people.

Customers have used TPI Trainers’ convenient online testing to:

  • Identify top vendors who they can trust in their telecom offices.
  • Quantify and document the skills and knowledge of their experienced personnel
  • Determine areas of study for their people through informed decisions regarding areas of possible weakness in their team
  • Verify skills or areas of training needed for individuals new to their job responsibilities.

Take a Sample Test for yourself to see how our testing works and how it could be a valuable resource for your team.

Client Site Training

For groups of at least six or more, TPI Trainers will deliver training at your company site. Because the training is exclusive for your group, the delivery can be customized to address your specific needs. Our instructors can spend more time on areas that are of particular interest to you or add elements of training not usually available in a public session class.  Training delivered at your company site, saves travel costs for your people and time away from their job.

Training for Prior Students

We invite students who have trained with us in the previous twelve-month period, to return to our classrooms for significant tuition savings. Through this Program, we offer tuition rates that are 50% off our list prices. If you or others from your company have attended a class with us in the last year and we can verify the student who attended and the date of their training through certificates that were issued or from our student database, that person may attend another class with us at this special rate. This program will also allow your group to plan training with us now and then continue for more training and receive the special, Prior-Student pricing. Please call 630-607-9302 for specific price information. Click Here to Learn More.

Public Session By Request

Public Session by Request is designed for groups of at least four who wish to attend the same TPI Trainers course but who don’t have the minimum of six students required to host a client site session. Public Session by Request allows you to choose a location that is the most convenient for your employees, saves time away from the job and will reduce or eliminate travel costs for your group. TPI Trainers will market this session that you have chosen in the same manner that we promote our regular Public Session classes.


Updates to Industry documents occur regularly in the Telecommunications Industry and can cause confusion for the industry at large. We can help you in understanding and accepting these new requirements in a timely manner through customized seminar deliveries.

For example, if any of your team hold a TPI Certification, for any of our courses, that will be expiring or that has expired we can deliver update seminars to reinforce key concepts and to cover all of the pertinent changes in the supporting documentation.  The material in the seminar will prepare your people to score well on their recertification testing which is included at the end of the presentation.  Students who achieve a score of 80% or better will be recertified for another three-year period.

Tuition Credits through Referrals

TPI Trainers will grant training credits to companies who refer their suppliers (installation or engineering) to us. This program will reduce your training cost per student for every trained referral. For additional information contact Vicki Johnson on 630-607-9302.